Savorit has been a supplier of wheat products for four decades. Savorit is known for it’s consistency in quality and ability to produce for varied applications according to customer specifications, be it domestic or export markets. Every grain of wheat that is milled is selected after careful quality control measures to ensure highest quality of wheat flour.

We cater to the needs of premium biscuit makers and also to renowed bread manufacturers apart from catering to the wholesale markets. We also supply to large feed manufacturers. Savorit supplies its products to wholesale traders under the brand name ‘Gopuram’. The wheat flour is supplied in bags of 25, 50 and 90 kgs.

Import and Export

Savorit imports high quality for use in its products. The wheat flour manufactured is exported to various countries across the globe.

Maida ( Wheat Flour)

Self Raising Flour 

Application: General purposes

Bread Flour

Application: Breads and rolls, and pastries

Biscuit Flour

Application: Biscuits, Cookies etc.

Cake Flour

Application: Cakes, Pastries etc.

Atta ( Wheat Flour)

Whole meal Flour

Application: Chappathi with high fibre content

Resultant Flour

Application: Finer flour for Chappathi, Tandoori Rotis etc

Semolina / Sooji


Application: Vermicelli, Pasta


Flakes, Rough and Super fine

Application: Cattle feed