Savorit is exported to US, UK, Australia and Singapore, Nepal Malaysia, SriLanka and UAE among many others is a testimony to our Quality and Customer Services.

If you are interested in importing any of our products, please fill in the following form.

Our facility and offerings are approved by

  • US FDA, (imported in US by “House of Spices”)
  • ISO:22000:2005 certification for our Food Safety Management System
  • HACCP compliant
  • FSSAI approved

Product Range:

  • Vermicelli – Long Cut / Short Cut
  • Toasted (Roasted) Vermicelli – Long Cut / Short Cut
  • Macaroni Short (Elbow, Shell, Tube Shaped etc.)
  • Pasta
  • Haka Noodles
  • Millet Semia
  • Instant Mixes